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Do you want to learn a simple, coder-friendly, and powerful programming language? The following Python courses are the perfect start to learn an accessible but truly powerful language. It was developed in the late 1980s, and since then it becomes one of the most used languages. Its philosophy relies on simplicity and extensibility. You find out more about Python philosophy by checking the Zen of Python – a set of principles that stays behind Python. ”Beautiful is better than ugly; Explicit is better than implicit; Simple is better than complex; Complex is better than complicated” are the first principles and these say a lot about Python.
To be honest, I am a beginner to intermediary Python user. I know that even though lots of experts consider Python as an accessible language, it’s still demanding to learn it. Yeah, sometimes (you read here everytime) I got stuck, and I don’t know what it’s not working. However, feel free to contact me if you need a piece of advice.
I handpicked for you 19 Python courses – these take you from zero to hero. Chose the courses that are suitable for your skills and practice as much as you can. These courses are created by experts and are well-structured, but none of them can replace your work.

Complete Python Masterclass

Python courses
Many class creators claim that their Python courses are the best and the most comprehensive. Tim Buchalka and Jean-Paul Roberts, the authors of this course, have all the reasons to claim that this is the most complete Python course. This masterclass has 40.5 hours of video explanations, 12 articles, 12 downloadable resources, and 12 exercises. Unlike other Python courses, this one covers everything! For instance, you learn how to install Python on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Once you set up Python, you learn the basics, program flow control, list, ranges and tuples, dictionaries, and input/output in Python. The second half of the class features the modules and functions, generators, comprehensions, and lambda expressions.

30 Days of Python

30 days of Python is one of the best-sellers Python courses on Udemy. It starts with a great idea – learn Python in 30 days by studying a 9.5-hour class. You won’t reach a senior coder level, but certainly, this course is a good starting point in your Python developer career. The author presents Python, its conditionals, functions, and classes during the first week. The second and the third weeks are for learning how Python manipulates CSV documents and how interacts with email. You will learn how Python can be used for text messaging in the last week of this class.

Complete Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python 3

You need an entire day to watch the course; Complete Python Bootcamp is an inspired name. Even though it’s a long course, there is no fluffy content. You begin this Python course by delving into its basics: objects, data structure, operators, statements, and functions. Project milestone 1 test your knowledge and skills. Next, you get your hands dirty with object-oriented programming, modules, packages, and errors. Project milestone 2 is both a recap and a test of your abilities. Finally, you will become familiar with Python generators and decorators.

The Complete Python Course | Learn Python by Doing

This is another detailed Python course that showcases the pillars of this super language. It contains no more than 24 coding exercises, so it focuses on practice. Do not worry, it’s not a plain list of tasks – each activity is a test to check your level. You will pass all the exams if you carefully listen to author’s explanations. It isn’t simple at all to understand all the explanations, but at the end of the course, you will have a solid grasp on Python.

Python Mega Course

The most Python courses from this list focus on practice, but this class is impressive – you learn how to create 10 apps by using Python. Sign up for this course, and you will create:
– an interactive dictionary;
– a website, a website blocker, and webmap;
– a database application;
– a webcam motion detector;
– a financial graph;
– a data collector and a geocoder.

The Modern Python 3 Bootcamp

Prepare to write many lines of code if you enroll for this Python class. The author of the course informs you that prior knowledge isn’t required, but you have to write thousands of lines of code. Of course, you have at disposal many hours of explanations – more exactly, 28.5 hours!

The Python Bible

Python courses
This is a short class; it’s only  a 9-hour course that introduces the students into the Python universe. Sign up for this Python class if you want to know how to handle strings and learn the principles of object-oriented programming. The author set his sights on these aspects, but he didn’t ignore other essential aspects like data structures, loops, and functions.

Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

People who have a limited Python experience should enroll for this class. You will learn how to use Python for working with big data and machine learning. Amongst others, the teacher explains how to use Python for data analysis and data visualization. Don’t worry if you aren’t a knower of data science and machine learning – the course has important sections for each of them. Clearly, it’s one of the most advanced Python classes, and it requires a serious endeavor from you.

Python and Django Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

Python courses
This class starts with a classic HTML and CSS presentation. A Bootstrap overview and a JavaScript introduction are the next sections. Python is the main chapter of the course – the author presents functions, modules, and expressions. Django is a widely used framework aimed at helping developers. This course shows Django advantages and how to get the most from it. You can enroll for this course even though you are a Python newbie, but you need a strong desire and motivation to complete it. It’s difficult, but in the end, you will be able to create a complex web app. I think that it deserves your efforts, isn’t it?

The Complete Python 3 Course: Beginner to Advanced!

I like the structure of this Python course. The author presents the basic and advanced Python concepts in approximately four hours. The rest of the course is for practice; you will work on nine projects. These include the creation of a web scraper, write code using PyMongo, Django, PyQt, and leverage Python for data visualization, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence.

Become a Professional Python Programmer

This is amongst the most extended Phyton classes on Udemy – almost 40 hours of professional explanations. The first sections are to familiarize you with the Python concepts and write the first lines of code. The next parts are focused on various frameworks like Python Scrappy, Scipy, NumPy, iPython, and BeautifulSoup. As a bonus, you will learn the principles of object-oriented programming – an almost four-hour section.

Python 101

Python courses
This course presents a detailed overview of Python basics. The first sections are about installing Python on Mac and Windows and its basics. The following sections showcase conditionals, loops, string objects, lists, functions, modules, and expressions. Python 101 doesn’t require prior knowledge of this language and its target public is made up of web developers, IT managers, students and database developers.

Python Programming for Network Engineers: Cisco, Netmiko ++

This isn’t a Python course for newbies, it requires a basic networking knowledge. I published a list of networking courses, so you can sign up for any of them to learn the networking fundamentals. The author emphasizes that the course is focused on practical aspects and you will learn how to leverage Python to manage your networks. Python may replace command line and gives you extended powers, so enroll for this course for more info about.

Python Network Programming for Network Engineers (Python 3)

Python courses
The previous course is jam-packed with useful tips, but it might be too challenging for some students. Hence, I recommend you another Python course for networking. This one is less compressed and the author gives more explanations. Python became more popular amongst network engineers, so you’d better prepare for the future.

Python Programming for Beginners

The majority of Python courses for beginners are long, and it might frighten the complete newbies. This Python class is the right solution to test if Python is for you. It has only 3 hours of video content that is enough to make a clear idea about this language.

Superb Python Course – Become Certified Python Developer

Eduonix is another courses provider, but its offer is less significant than Udemy’s. However, the quality of the courses is above standards, so you should give it a try. I found some top-notch Python courses that might be interesting for you. For instance, this course that introduces you in the Python programming.

Python Network Programming – Part 1: Build 7 Python Apps

This course goes hand in hand with any of the networking classes I featured in a previous post. Once you have a minimal knowledge of networking, you should enroll in this course. You will learn how to create seven Python apps for networking in less than 15 hours. Clearly, it’s not an easy Python class, and you should work hard. If you are committed to learning Python, then you have no alternative than studying and practicing hard.

Under the Hood of Python-Transforming Noob to a Professional

This Python course speeds up the learning process by focusing on practice. The students will learn Python fundaments and will craft five applications, three of them including game development.  Now and then, Eduonix offers substantial discounts. The price of this course is $99, but there are time sensitive offers when Under the Hood of Python is only $6. It’s an almost free Python course by comparing the value you get against its price tag.

Learn Python by Building a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Python courses

This is another useful Python course that should be a priority on your acquisition list. The author teaches you Python syntax and implements the theoretical concepts into a blockchain & cryptocurrency project. Needless to mention how hot is the cryptocurrency field these days. It’s a class for all levels, so even if you are a beginner you can sign up for it.

These Python courses are more than enough to become a professional developer. Python has a bright future and everyone with solid knowledge has a big chance to get a good job. Therefore, roll up your sleeves and enroll in these classes.

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