20 best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015

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This year I published a single blog post – a showcase of great WordPress themes released in 2015 for blogging. I strongly recommend to check it out, the themes are truly outstanding! The post was highly appreciated by the readers and it made me think that this idea may work in the case of Adobe Photoshop tutorials. Consequently, here is a new post –Best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015!
Searching for Photoshop tutorials was a pleasant activity (by the way, here is a list of 15 great blogs publishing tutorials), but selecting which one deserves to be added in this list was a harsh job. Writing a tutorial is a very difficult work and it’s a pity not to appreciate the endeavors of the creator. Still, some tutorials are more interesting, better written and explained; these should be showcased to the Photoshop lovers. Luckily, there are many Photoshop tutorials released in 2015 that are destined to all kind of users- from very beginners to masters. Due to the high number of great tutorials I decided to divide the list into two posts. Here is the first part, I am sure that it’s a very comprehensive list of tutorials. Also, I am sure that everyone that followed all these tutorials will bring his/her Photoshop skills to a whole new level.
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Category: web design

Stylish Flat Space Icons

I am a constant reader of the major websites posting Photoshop tutorials and I noticed that the tutorials teaching to create various design elements (buttons, menus, complete webpages, etc) are significantly less than in 2014. Luckily, here is a great exception – a tutorial that teach us how to create some stylish flat icons.

Login form

The creator of this tutorial estimates that it takes no more than an hour to complete it. He teaches how to create a simple but good-looking login form.

Category: text effects

Hot concrete text effect

Text effects tutorials are never outdated and despite the huge number of them, constantly a designer finds a new technique and creates a great tutorial. It’s the case of this awesome tutorial, the text effect is truly epic. I like very much the color combination used; it’s great, isn’t it?

Light painted typography

Here is another great text effect tutorial that impressed me. The good-looking curves of the letters in addition to a golden color scheme expresse delicacy and luxury. By following the steps of this tutorial you will learn not only how to create a cool effect, but also how to realize designs that expresses feelings.

Summery 3D text effect

Creating a 3D text effect is very trendy and you should know how to realize such an effect. This tutorial teach you to create a wonderful summer inspired 3D text effect. It’s a long tutorial, but keep in mind, nothing great can be achieved with low efforts!

Gold 3D text effect

The ones passionate about 3D or cool text effects shouldn’t miss this tutorial. I like very much the shiny result and the manner of explaining how to get the 3D effect.

Technology text effect

Honestly, I think that it is the best or at least one of the best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015 for mastering the text effects skills. You should follow the steps and at the end you may use the final work as a desktop background.

Category: photo manipulation

City destruction

I am a very optimistic person and I truly don’t like the sad things. This tutorial is about how to create a city destruction and obviously, this topic isn’t my favorite one. Still, the great final design “forced” me to add it into this honoring list. It’s a very detailed tutorial, but by patiently following each step you will learn a lot of interesting techniques.

Surreal underwater scene

Unlike the previous tutorial, this one really made my day! The cat is awesome, I wanted to touch my monitor to nurse it! I think that besides the techniques learnt, another idea to keep in mind is how important the images used into a design are!

Alien Invasion

Fans of Star Wars, this is a tutorial for you! It’s a 39 steps tutorial, therefore it’s destined for the experienced users, but the final work is looking way too interesting not to try it.

Surreal snail

I think that imagination of this tutorial creator has no boundaries! I guess that by seeing the finished design you are enticed enough to start studying it! Me too!

Stormy fantasy scene

If you are interested in achieving great design works from stock images then this tutorial is for you. The author used simple stock images and created an amazing surreal work!

Create DNA

By carefully checking this tutorial you will learn some design techniques, but also how to manipulate the DNA to look better! Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Layer Mask tutorial

Layer Mask are very used by all the Photoshop users, but in spite of this fact, there are still many techniques implying Layer Mask that aren’t widely used by designers. Here is a great tutorial showing you some great uses of Layer Mask, but you also will achieve a great photo composition.

Category: Digital painting

Painted pet portrait

Photoshop is magic! I am a very bad hand drawer, but due to the Photoshop help, I may create decent digital drawings. By following the steps of this tutorial, you will learn how create a painted pet effect from a photo of the respective pet. The tutorial is aimed for beginners, but I think that anyone should give a try to it!

Victorian cat

I am a great lover of pets; I love both dogs and cats. I think that dogs are easier to take care while the cats need more attention. This is valid in our list of best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015! The previous tutorial has as the main character a dog while this one has a cat. Beyond any doubt, this tutorial is more difficult, but the final result is outstanding: a Victorian cat!

Yin Yang illustration

If you want to sharpen your drawing skills, then this tutorial is all you need. By patiently following the steps of the tutorial you will be able to create a wonderful yin-yang illustration. I am impressed by the rich details of the illustration, therefore you have all the reasons to study the tutorial!

Apple watch

This tutorial teaches you how to create an Apple watch from scratch. The steps are very well explained and the images are very suggestive. The amazing part of this tutorial is the fact that creating the watch doesn’t take more than an hour!

Grid Effect

Here is one of the simplest tutorials, but I like very much what you will learn – how to add a grid effect to a photo. It’s a 30 minutes tutorial that fully deserves your attention!

HDR effect using luminosity masks

This is another very practical tutorial – you will learn creating an HDR effect by using luminosity masks. It’s destined for the more advanced users, but due its short length I guess that even the less experienced should give a try to it!

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