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Usually, the designers are very pressed by the clients and the projects to do. Working under pressure is like a second nature for some of them. Of course, it’s not only the case of the designers. Still, we should find time for better things! I tried to create a post that should mix these “better things” with the daily dose on inspiration needed by any designer. The result is here -15 wonderful charity websites for your inspiration!
Unfortunately, I am not able to help all the people needing it, but I try to make a better world with my small donations. The purpose of the post is to offer you for inspiration 15 charity websites. If you will make a donation, then it’s even better!
Creating charity websites is a difficult task. The Internet is full of websites asking for money and people have been immune to these problems. Somehow, I understand them – many of these websites are spam or created with the idea of stealing money. The level of confidence in these websites is very low!
Definitely, one of the main problems of the charity websites is how to gain the trust of the users. Once again, a good design has the potential of saving the situation. A clean and good looking design in addition to an informative content is the key to gain the attention of the viewers. I think that the content is playing a huge role in the case of charity websites. The content creator must very smartly use his words. It’s totally wrong to ask for immediate donations – 100% people will consider you a fake person willing to cheat simple-hearted individuals. It’s a way better idea to start presenting the context, the issues and the purpose of the donations. It’s the case of these amazing charity websites and I highly recommend not only studying the design, but also the content.
I hope that my collection of charity websites will be liked by you. As usual, it will be great to share with us which of the below websites is your favorite! If you want to receive our weekly newsletter you should add your email address into the subscribe form!

Break The Bag Habit


Hospital for Hope


The Running Charity


Vintage Hope


Caring 4 Others


Bene Funder


5by5 Agency


Possible Health


We Heart Trees


ICAP Charity Day


War Child


Heart Kids


Redefine Possible


Polish Christmas Guide


Zero Point Seven


World Food Clock


Charity Water




Tiger Awareness




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