25 Best Text Effect Photoshop tutorials published in 2018

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Text effect tutorials are the best start for anyone interested in learning Photoshop. Creating a text effect is simple and inventive; all you have to do is to play with text options, colors, and lights. Advanced effects are based on the same principles; the difference is in the care for details.

You can’t name yourself an intermediate Photoshop user without being a good knower of various text techniques. I published a list of fresh text effect tutorials and another round up of tutorials for advanced users. However, designers produce new techniques, so I complied with another collection of Photoshop text tutorials.

These tutorials are for any type of users – some tutorials are for complete beginners while others are for advanced users. You will create 3D text effects but also a vintage result. Don’t waste your time and start practicing – it’s the only way to sharpen your skills.

80s-Inspired Text Effect

The primary purpose of this Photoshop tutorial is the creation of an 80s inspired text effect. Additionally, you will learn how to craft a cool background and how to style a slogan. You need to download Mexcellent and Hemi Head fonts to achieve the same results. The cool font effects are realized only by using Layer Style panel. The lighting effects are down with Gradient – a feature rarely used by tutorial creators.


3D Folded Steps

3D text effects are pretty common, but I haven’t seen before any similar output as this folded text.  First, you will create a background, and the next phase implies to use the 3D arsenal and adjust the lights. Finally, you will add textures and make the last adjustments.


Ink Cloud Typography

This is one of the simplest text effect tutorials on this list. Paradoxically, even though it’s simple, the output is awesome! You will create a colorful ink cloud and compliment it with some Photoshop font effects. The result can be customized for a creative poster.


Halftone Text Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to create a beautiful halftone text effect. It’s very detailed, so by following all the steps, you will achieve a great design work. The author plays with the colors professionally and it should convince you to look through this tutorial.


inFamous Inspired Text Effect

inFamous doesn’t need an introduction if you are a gamer and most likely, you will study this tutorial. Even though you aren’t a gamer, the final result will entice to improve your text effects skills by checking the tutorial. The light streak is really cool and adds that needed sparkle to this project.


Comic-Book Ink Text Effect

You will master your Brushes skills by reading all the explanations of the author. Additionally, you will apply a variety of font effects to get a comic book ink effect. It’s a tutorial for beginners, there are no complicated techniques, but it’s pretty long. Probably, you will spend a few hours to achieve the final result.


Colorful and Shiny Text Effect

This is the shortest tutorial featuring Photoshop text effects, and it’s suitable for all kind of users. It shows you the process of creating a colorful and shiny effect by using Layer Style options. The color combination is another plus of this tutorial.


Lace-Up Text Effect

Unlike the previous tutorial, this one targets advanced users that have time and patience. In the end, you will obtain a nice lace-up inspired effect. The final work impresses with the high level of details.


Copper Foil Texture Text Effect

You will play with patterns, distort, cloud, and glass effect to create a good looking copper foil texture that covers the fonts. It’s a Photoshop tutorial targeted for beginners, but it’s very long – you need a few hours to complete it fully.


Faded 3D Text Effect

This is another interesting 3D text effects tutorial that will be appreciated by both beginners and experts. It doesn’t take too much time, but the final work looks excellent. You start by writing a word, applying 3D text effects and fine-tuning it to reach the desired result.


Ice Text Effect

Are you prepared for winter? This tutorial is a good start in this respect – it teaches you how to create an ice Photoshop text effect. All you need to do is to grab the tutorial assets and a big cup of coffee. Start by creating the cool background – you will learn how to combine colors and create natural reflections. Next, you will sharpen your font effects by working with tons of layer styles and a few other effects.


Fur Action Text Effect

The author of the tutorial teaches you how to create a nice furry effect and as a bonus – how to create a Photoshop action. There are a limited number of Photoshop tutorials about actions, so give it a test.


Cartoon Gradient Text Effect

If your clients ask for a nice and funny text effect, consider applying what you learn by following this tutorial. The author creates a fairy tale text effect and all his actions are well-explained.


3D Gold Layered Text Effect

The positive aspect is that you will learn to create a gold effect and the negative aspect is that the gold exists only within a psd file. You won’t get rich, but you will learn how to create a beautiful 3D Gold text effect in Photoshop.


Neon Glow Text Effect

text effect
This tutorial is short, sweet, and simple. You will create a fantastic neon glow text effect in less than an hour. This technique can be replicated in a plethora of projects like posters, banners, and other promo materials.


Bold Typography Poster

Laura Keung shows us how to create a typography poster in just a couple of steps. You will manipulate the image of a bridge, and then you will add some words – you will have to create a simple but eye-catching text effect.


Diamonds Text Effect

By carefully following the steps of this tutorial you will learn how to create diamonds. Unfortunately, it will be possible only in the Photoshop environment.


Leaf-Covered Text Effect

text effect
It’s a pretty long tutorial with lots of explanations, but it fully deserves your attention. The original aspect of this tutorial is the attention to detail – the author really nailed it, there is no ignored detail.


Flaming Hot Fire Text

text effect
You played with ice, leaves, gold, copper and many other items. Now, it’s time to play with fire. Clearly, creating flames and fire is a must-have skill for a good Photoshop user. This tutorial was highly rated and shared on social media by users, so certainly it provides value.


Furry White Rabbit Text Effect

text effect
Do you like rabbits? This tutorial might be a good alternative if you like them; even if you don’t like them, you may study this effect. The final result looks cute and fluffy, and this technique applies to a lot of different projects.


Grunge Text Effect

text effect
This tutorial is short and concise: you learn how to create a grunge text effect by using a displacement map. It’s targeted for beginners, but any user may check the tutorial and learn the grungy effect.


How to Type in a Circle in Photoshop

text effect
The above tutorials are all text + images based while the next ones are videos. I hope to cover all the needs of the readers, therefore I showcased tutorials from both categories. By spending less than 10 minutes, you will learn how to type in a circle in Photoshop. It’s simple and effective, so beginners will love it.


Stencil Graffiti Effect

text effect
This is another video tutorial that is simple, and you can apply the technique applied to many other projects. There are tons of design works suitable for featuring text on a wall, so don’t skip this video.


Black Panther

text effect
You have to allocate almost 30 minutes to watch this complicated text effect tutorial. I consider that it deserves your attention because the final work looks terrific – it’s a Black Panther-inspired project.


Distort and 3D Perspective Effects

text effect
Luckily for you, here are both video and image + text versions of the tutorial. Pay close attention because creating a distort 3D text effect is a massively used technique these days.

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