25 WordPress training courses to become an expert [2018 edition]

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WordPress training courses are mandatory for any developer or designer. Technology evolves extremely fast, and we should keep the same rhythm. In this context, even though you graduate the best design school, you need to sharpen your skills constantly. The age of building sites with tables finished 10-12 years ago. Nowadays, we have responsive design and WordPress. The complexity of actual sites grows exponentially. You don’t have any solution but to sharpen your skills!

Luckily for us, there are myriads of WordPress training courses, and many of them genuinely provide value. The real issue is finding the classes suitable for you; it takes much time to identify the proper WordPress training courses. I compiled a list of my personal best WordPress courses; here are courses for both beginners and advanced users. Enjoy it and don’t forget to share with us which class is your favorite.

The WordPress Bootcamp: Build 11 Websites with WordPress

WordPress training

My WordPress training list starts with a massive course consisting in 25 hours of explanations. The title is suggestive enough – you create 11 WordPress websites by using 4 page builders: Elementor, SiteOrigin, Themify, and Beaver.

A blog focused on electronic is the first site you will create. Next, you will build a shipping startup, a trading consultancy, a photographer blog, an online clothing store, a health blog, a charity organization, a landscaping service, a social media network, an e-book shop, and a web developer site. It’s no doubt that by creating these sites you will learn secret tips that will improve your ways of building websites.


WordPress for Web Development

Your WordPress developer training should start with WordPress for Web Development class. You will learn a lot of useful things by signing up for this course. The teacher shows you how to deploy a site on a local development server, create a basic theme, how to leverage CSS styles, sidebars, and widgets. Beside these, you will study the anatomy of a theme, how to create a child theme and finally, how to deploy a site on a live server.

This course features the entire creation of a site – from the first line of code to making it accessible to Internet users.


 PHP and WordPress for Beginners

You can create sites or customize themes without writing code. However, an advanced WordPress user or a developer should be a good knower of PHP because it’s the language behind WordPress. This course is a good starting point to learn the ins and outs of PHP. It’s not a simple introduction to PHP; the original aspect of this course is the manner of showing how PHP handles WordPress files. The course is structured efficient and straightforward; each section introduces PHP particular entities like variables, operators, conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays and so on.


Bootstrap 4 WordPress Theme Development: HTML & JavaScript

Bootstrap is a well-known framework that has simplified the work of developers significantly. This WordPress course teaches you how to use Bootstrap 4 for theme development in just a few hours. It’s one of the most concise WordPress training classes from this list; you learn theme development in less than 3 hours. Enroll this course if you are firmly committed to learning WordPress development.


The Complete WordPress Designing with Elementor Course

WordPress training

Elementor is a massively used page builder that gives the users unlimited powers to design stellar websites. It’s a relatively new builder that promises to streamline theme customization. This class is all you need if you want to learn the secrets of Elementor. You will familiarize with it, and you will need to realize a complex project. Learning by doing is what I like the most!


WordPress Security – How to Stop Hackers

WordPress training

Have you ever heard about hacking, network security, bots, firewall, brute force, or file permissions but you aren’t sure about their meaning? This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate users who want to know more about WordPress security. The lessons fall into two categories: the first part is about common security aspects and the second part is about configuring All in One Security plugin.  It’s not a long course, it has 2.5 hours of explanations, but you get tons of practical tips to strengthen your site.


WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them

WordPress training

Fixing errors looks like a job for advanced users. However, anyone may correct the errors with the proper WordPress training. This course introduces to you the most common errors and solutions to resolve them. It has sections focused on WordPress security and configuring Avada theme. If you are an Avada user, you must enroll in this course. Avada is one of the most purchased WordPress themes, and it’s the base of tens of thousands sites.


Gutenberg Blocks for Beginners

WordPress training

If you are familiar with WordPress, then you know how much buzz created the Gutenberg project. This class introduces Gutenberg to the less initiated users. You will learn how to create blocks, applying CSS styles, and how to customize your site. Taking into account the plans of WordPress experts, Gutenberg is here to stay so you would better be prepared for the future.


Build an Ecommerce Website with WordPress and Elementor 2.0

WordPress is the leading CMS due to its impressive power – it’s suitable from personal blogs to complex online stores. This course teaches you how to create an e-commerce website by using Elementor page builder. Don’t worry if you have no previous experience, this WordPress training starts with WordPress and e-commerce foundation. Once you learn these, you apply what you learn in a complex project: build an online store from scratch.


How to Create Educational Course Website Using WordPress


David Yao created this course; he is an Udemy author that has sold almost 130 courses on this platform. Certainly, he knows a thing or two about online learning.  This WordPress class focuses on creating an educational site by using WordPress. You learn not only how to craft a site, but also how to sell. Practically, you learn WordPress and how to generate revenue.


The WordPress REST API with JavaScript – an Introduction

WordPress developer training implies having a solid knowledge of WordPress REST API. Enroll in this class if you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is a bunch of useful information – HTTP requests inside and outside WordPress, REST API elements like routes, schema, and endpoints, and how to customize API requests. At the end of the course, you have to realize a WordPress site that uses JavaScript massively.


The Complete WordPress Amazon Affiliate Course

Probably, you heard a lot of success stories about Amazon affiliates that make a fortune from this activity. I believe that many of these stories are exaggerated, but it’s crystal clear that you can make serious money from Amazon affiliate program. This course is all you need if you want to sell on Amazon.


WordPress Theme Development with Unyson & Bootstrap 4

Unyson is an appreciated WordPress framework while Bootstrap is a front-end framework for web designers. The idea behind the course is relatively simple: create a static template using Bootstrap and transform it into a WordPress theme with Unyson. During this course, you will train using Unyson, learn the theme development good practices, and understand how a WordPress theme works.


WordPress Web Design and Advanced Theme Development

WordPress training

This course must be on the acquisition list of any WordPress developer; it truly teaches you how to create a theme from scratch. It starts with building the psd files –so you will need to use Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks. Check out our collection of Photoshop tutorials to improve your skills. Next, the teacher presents the web design best practices and convert the psd file into HTML and CSS. The most extended section of the course is about converting the static HTML site into a WordPress theme – it takes more than 3 hours.


Create Custom WordPress Themes from Scratch

WordPress training

Create Custom WordPress Themes from Scratch is a course that condenses much information; in 3.5 hours you are taught how to create a WordPress theme. Hence, it’s not a simple course, but the information is valuable. You would better have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to understand all the concepts showcased during the course.


WordPress Tips and Tricks

This course is atypical, but it looks that Udemy students truly appreciated it. Currently, it has a 5 out of 5 stars rating. The teacher features many tips and tricks that streamline the life of a WordPress user. How to avoid and fix errors, setting up plugins and themes, creating a form, and making an online store are the main topics of the course.


WordPress SEO Masterclass 2018: Rank at The Top of Google

WordPress training

Launching a WordPress site is only the top of the iceberg; maintenance and optimization consume more resources and time. This list can’t be named a complete WordPress training without an SEO course. This class teaches you how to rank on first positions in 2018. SEO is a dynamic area, and what was efficient in 2017, it might be outdated in 2018. In conclusion, this course is actual and jam-packed with precious information.


The Complete WordPress Website Course

WordPress training

I recommend enrolling this course the people who are firmly committed to learning WordPress. It contains 33.5 hours of complete explanations that takes you from zero to hero. It’s suitable for complete newbies because the teacher carefully presents WordPress basics. The positive aspect is that the students should realize seven projects during the course. Hence, it’s not a plain theoretical course, it’s an enjoyable class focused on doing.


Complete WordPress Development Themes and Plugins Course

This course is for folks who are familiar with HTML, CSS, and WordPress. The class begins with setting up the development environment and the PHP basics. The most important section is the Template Hierarchy – practically, here you learn the anatomy of a WordPress theme. The template tags and action & filter hooks in WordPress are two major subjects that are covered entirely by the author. The final section is plugin development – almost two hours of explanations showing you how to create your first plugin.


Build WordPress on AWS: A Complete Guide to Setup in Cloud

Amazon Web Services is a robust host provider that fully deserves your attention. It comes with a lot of impressive features, and it seems that many sites will migrate to AWS in the near future. This WordPress course is designed to teach you how to configure your AWS account for your site properly.


Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power with Code

Brad Schiff is a famous Udemy teacher and all his courses are best sellers, and this one isn’t an exception. The 26 hours of video teaches you how to unlock the entire potential of WordPress. Most people use WordPress for blogging, but WordPress is way more powerful than you ever thought. Brad teaches you how to use PHP, JavaScript and WordPress API to get the most from this fantastic CMS.


WordPress: Free HTTPS SSL certificate and Improve Security

WordPress training

Google bots appreciate slightly more HTTPS sites than HTTP ones because these handle sensitive data more secure. Google and users want a more secure Internet, and you don’t have any choice but to conform. Consequently, purchasing an SSL certificate is mandatory.

This course is fitting like a glove if you want to go for HTTPS connections. It teaches you how to handle all the issues related to this change.


 Beginner to Master: Complete WordPress Woocommerce Store

WordPress training

This course is suitable for WordPress users who want to launch an online store. WooCommerce is the most famous plugin for e-commerce, and during this course, you will learn how to set up and get the most from it. The course isn’t only a short presentation of plugin features, but also teaches you how to deal with day-to-day situations like adding products, discounts, and coupons. It’s a must have course for anyone willing to use WooCommerce for building an online store.


WordPress Backup & Restore

WordPress training

Creating a backup copy of a site is probably the most underrated activity of a WordPress user. However, you change your mind once you need a backup copy. This course is short but incorporates everything you need to back up and restore your site. You will learn how to back up both manually and automatically.


WP Plugin Development – Build your own plugin!

WordPress training

This course is for people who are familiar with WordPress, HTML, and CSS. Step by step, you will learn how to create your first plugin. The course is structured in four parts, and Plugin Basics and Advanced Concepts are the most important. I appreciate that there is a special section named Security Aspects. The teachers outline that security isn’t something to ignore when it’s about plugin development.


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