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I published handpicked collections of best Photoshop tutorials in 2016 and 2017.  The readers highly appreciated and shared the posts on social networks. It’s time to delight all of you with a new showcase of useful Photoshop tutorials; this time it’s about the best ones released in 2018 and 2019. More and more people buy online courses teaching them how to use Adobe Photoshop. It’s certain that this tendency will grow in the future because online courses are effective and cheap. Here are some professional online classes that might interest you:

The utility of online courses is undeniable, but these can’t replace tutorials when it’s about Adobe Photoshop. Tutorials 99% focus on doing and there is no better method of learning than practicing! Practice, practice, and practice! Without any further ado, here is my compilation. As a bonus – I made a selection of the best tutorials published in 2017 and 2016. In total – XX top-notch best Photoshop tutorials are here for you!

Animated Ghost Effect

I strongly recommend this tutorial because the author creates a striking design in just a few steps. The final result is a complex composition, and you are tempted to believe that this project takes much time; it’s not true. You learn how to create an animated ghost effect, and the author uses almost all Photoshop effects. Consider this tutorial as a good recap if you didn’t practice for some time. As a bonus, you learn how to create a gif animated project – a feature rarely showcased by tutorials’ creators.

Evil Photo Effect

The tut creator did a great job – he created a frightening effect using just two stock images. Currently, the link to the first stock image – the girl portrait, isn’t working, but you can use any other portrait. Follow all the steps to create an evil photo effect.

Music Poster Bitmap Mode

I couldn’t have created a list of the best Photoshop tutorials without featuring a few poster design tutorials. This is an outstanding tutorial teaching you how to create a poster using a bitmap technique. I like the modern and simplistic approach. In spite of its simplicity, you have to allocate a few hours to complete the steps of the tutorial.

Autumn Queen Photo Manipulation

Creativity can’t be learned, but you can train it. This tutorial starts with a few unrelated stock images; next, the designer nicely blends all of them. Besides extraordinary creativity, the author reveals a few useful Photoshop tricks. Learn these and apply them in your projects to impress all your customers. This Photoshop manipulation requires time and patience to get to the final result, but don’t forget – no pain, no gain!

Emotional Autumn Scene

This is another tutorial autumn-related and the same as the previous one you have to be patient. As I many times mentioned, the difference between an expert and an amateur Photoshop user is made by the attention to detail. The author of the tutorial paid close attention to each detail – check the final result to make a clear understanding of it.

Realistic Wine-Bottle Mockup Template

Creating a realistic object in Photoshop is a huge challenge. Practically, there are only two outcomes: either it’s a fiasco, or it’s a success. There is no middle solution because a design can be realistic or not; for instance, it can’t 75% realistic. If you dare to create a realistic object in Photoshop, you have to do all your best. This tutorial is an example of perfect work.

Aquaman-Inspired Text Effect

Initially, I believed that designing an Aquaman text effect is pretty simple. I changed my mind after checking this in-depth tutorial. It requires 12 resources (stock images, fonts, textures, and brushes) and around four hours to create a striking Aquaman-inspired text effect. It’s no doubt; you learn how to design a professional text effect.

Mental Health Photo Manipulation

You attain two crucial things from this state of the art photo manipulation. First, you develop an artistic style – this project nails down to produce an atmosphere. Second, the author shows how to combine multiple images of different color schemes and lights. It’s a titanic work to combine images based on vibrant colors with images based on dark shades. In spite of that, Monika Zagrobelna, the tutorial creator, did it with style!

Remove a Person from a Photo

You can’t call yourself a Photoshop user without professionally removing items from a photo. As a result, I added to the list of the best Photoshop tutorials a complete person removal from a photo. It’s a quite short article, so give it a try!

Instagram Photo Filters

Perhaps I could have showcased better tutorials than this one, but it impresses me with its utility. Chances are that you specialize in Instagram filters, and lots of clients want unique images for social media distribution. Therefore, study this tutorial to satisfy your future clients willing to impress on social networks.

Animated Photo Reveal for Instagram

Instagram is on the rise and clients pay serious amounts of money to steal the show. You learned how to create filters in the previous tutorial. This one teaches you how to compose an animated photo reveal. It’s a simple and effective effect, so you have all the reasons to learn this technique.

Surreal Eye Photo Manipulation

This is another complex photo manipulation that fully deserves its place amongst the best Photoshop tutorials. It teaches you not only to be a good Photoshop user but also how to be a creative artist. You specialize in cropping images, playing with Layer Styles, blending images, and crafting impressive effects.

Surreal Giraffe Photo Manipulation

This project is funny but educative; you learn how to change a giraffe dramatically. You will be tempted to check this tutorial after seeing the final result.

Human Cyborg Photo Manipulation

This is the most complex Photoshop tutorial from this list because it requires decent sketching skills. It starts with the portrait of a beautiful girl that during many steps turns into a cyborg. It supposes to draw a few lines and shapes on the girl’s face. Next, add a metallic look to her face. You intensively train your Layer Mask and Color Adjustment skills by studying this tutorial.

Sketch Effect Action

The previous tutorial requires sketching skills; this one teaches you how to achieve a sketch effect by using the mighty Photoshop. It has a special effect, deep buried in Photoshop interface called Sketch (Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch) that helps a lot in getting a sketch effect.

Isometric Icon

turn-a-landscape-photograph-into-an-isometric-icon Icon design is a challenging design field because the designers are limited to minimal real estate to express their creativity. Certainly, designing a good looking and intuitive icon isn’t simple at all. By following the steps of this tutorial, you learn how to create an isometric icon. Also, you learn how to achieve impressive results by using Pen Tool, Gaussian Blur, and Layer Adjustments.

Flat Weather Icons

create-flat-weather-icons-in-adobe-photoshop Here is another tutorial destined to teach you how to create an awesome set of flat icons. The tutorial isn’t complicated at all, but you should pay close attention to the details. By carefully checking all the steps of the tutorial you will create four flat weather icons.

Winter Landscape Photomanipulation

create-a-surreal-space-scene-in-photoshopPlaying with snow is a relaxing and healthy activity; you have fun and foster your immunity system. Still, some designers prefer using the snow only in Photoshop creations! If you are one of them or you want to create a ferric winter landscape, you should check this tutorial. The author doesn’t use complicated techniques, therefore even the less experienced users should follow the steps of the tutorial and create a lovely winter landscape.

Surreal Space Scene

photo-manipulation-of-a-sad-angel Creating a surreal space scene is a common topic for tutorial creation. Here is a splendid example of this kind of tutorial. I think that if you want to sharpen your color management skills you should check this tutorial. The creator knows how to use the colors to arrest the attention of the viewers.

Sad Angel

manipulation-face-distorted-space This tutorial is long and it has many steps. In spite of that, I recommend studying it and eventually replicate the final design. You will learn not only many useful Photoshop techniques but also how to create an emotional piece of design.

Distorted Face

manipulation-face-distorted-space This tutorial is exciting. If you compare the before and after picture of the subject (the picture “Man looking in the distance”), you will be amazed by the transformation. The author uses common tools, effects, and filters such as Layer Adjustments, Rectangular Marquee Tool, or Add Noise, but also less common ones as Crystalize or Motion Blur.

Skin to Metal

turn-skin-to-metal-in-adobe-photoshop-best-Photoshop-tutorials This tutorial will teach you how to turn skin to metal. It’s a tutorial that requires from you a high level of attention and a few hours to spend on this project. Certainly,  it’s one of the most complex tutorials released in 2016; the author used almost all Photoshop tools and features.

Chrome Text Effect

textured-chrome-text-effect-in-photoshop As I mentioned before, I did all my best to satisfy all the users. Therefore, here is a tutorial aimed at the less experienced users. It’s simple, well-explained and backed up by many useful screenshots. You will create a good looking textured chrome effect. It’s the simplest creation from this list of the best Photoshop tutorials.

Emotional Photo Manipulation

emotional-photo-manipulation This tutorial is very intriguing; the author shows you the steps to create an emotional photo manipulation. She doesn’t use complicated Photoshop effects and techniques. Instead, she teaches you a more difficult task – the creation of an emotional design work that impresses the viewers. In other words, she teaches you to develop your artistic side and not only the technical side as other tutorials creators do.

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

fantasy-photo-manipulation This is a tutorial that requires a serious commitment from you – it’s long and pretty difficult to keep up the rhythm with the author of it. If you complete the tutorial, you will end up by having a project containing tens of layers. Another plus of this tutorial is that you will learn how to blend many images professionally. I guess that you shouldn’t skip this tutorial.

Abstract Poster

poster-design-abstract-effects-photoshop-best-Photoshop-tutorials I like very much poster design because it is less restrictive than any other design projects. Practically, you are free to do everything you want to attract the eyes of the viewers. This tutorial is a good example in this respect. I fell in love with the final design and I recommend you studying it.

Statistic Chart

statistic-chart-best-Photoshop-tutorials Creating a statistic chart doesn’t stimulate your creativity, but I think that this tutorial deserves your attention due to the clear explanations of the author. He pays attention to every small detail, and you should embrace the same approach. Don’t forget, small details make a big difference!

Crazy Disco Effect

crazy-disco-effect-with-adobe-photoshop This is a tutorial for beginner-intermediate users. In spite of its simplicity, you will learn many things as blending two images, blurring or matching the colors. The final result is interesting and truly original.

Floral Portrait

create-a-floral-portrait-photo-manipulationI guess that this tutorial seems more interesting for girls; the project consists of creating a floral portrait. Still, the guys shouldn’t skip this tutorial. For instance, you can replace the picture of the girl model with a picture of your girlfriend. In this way, you learn a few Photoshop tricks and simultaneously, you make a surprise to your crush.

Soldier Girl

soldier-girl-standing-in-the-rain-best-Photoshop-tutorials This is a 38-step tutorial, and it’s destined for beginners and intermediate Photoshop users. The author knows how to blend perfectly the characters to create a unique and good looking design. Consequently, it convinced me to add this tutorial to the list of the best Photoshop tutorials.

Pirate House Photomanipulation

pirate-house-photo-manipulation-in-photoshop This tutorial is a masterwork, the author teaches you how to create a magical, scary, and surreal pirate house. It’s long and complex, but super interesting, therefore venture to complete all the steps of the tutorial. You will learn many useful Photoshop tricks.

Login form

login-form-in-adobe-photoshop The creator of this tutorial estimates that it takes no more than an hour to complete it. He teaches how to create a simple but good-looking login form.

Hot concrete text effect

create-a-hot-concrete-text-effect Text effects tutorials are never outdated and despite their huge number, designers constantly find new techniques and create great tutorials. Take the example of this awesome tutorial, the text effect is truly epic. I like very much the color combination used.

Light painted typography

light-painted-typography Here is another great text effect tutorial that impressed me. The good-looking curves of the letters in addition to a golden color scheme express delicacy and luxury. By following the steps of this tutorial you will learn not only how to create a cool effect, but also how to realize designs that express feelings.

3D text effect

colorful-summery-3d-text-effect Creating a 3D text effect is trendy and you should know how to realize such an effect. This tutorial teaches you to create a wonderful summer inspired 3D text effect. It’s a long tutorial, but keep in mind, nothing great can be achieved with low efforts!

Gold 3D text effect

gold-3d-text The ones passionate about 3D or cool text effects shouldn’t miss this tutorial. I like very much the shiny result and the manner of explaining how to get the 3D effect.

City destruction

city-destruction I am a very optimistic person and I truly don’t like sad things. This tutorial is about how to create city destruction and obviously, this topic isn’t my favorite one. Still, the great final design “forced” me to add it to this honoring list. It’s a very detailed tutorial, but by patiently following each step you will learn a lot of interesting techniques.

Surreal underwater scene

surreal-underwater-scene Unlike the previous tutorial, this one really made my day! The cat is awesome, I wanted to touch my monitor to nurse it!

Alien Invasion

photo-manipulation-alien-invasion Fans of Star Wars, this is a tutorial for you! It’s a 39-step tutorial, therefore it’s destined for the experienced users, but the final work is looking way too interesting not to try it.

Surreal snail

snail-grassy-shell I think that imagination of this tutorial creator has no boundaries! I guess that by seeing the finished design you are enticed enough to start studying it! Me too!

Stormy fantasy scene

stormy-fantasy-scene If you are interested in achieving great design works from stock images then this tutorial is for you. The author used simple stock images and created an amazing surreal work!

Create DNA

abstract-medical-image-dna By carefully checking this tutorial you will learn some design techniques, but also how to manipulate the DNA to look better!

Layer Mask tutorial

layer-masks-photoshop Layer Mask is very used by all the Photoshop users, but in spite of this fact, there are still many techniques implying Layer Mask that aren’t widely used by designers. Here is a great tutorial showing you some great uses of Layer Mask, but you also will achieve a great photo composition.

Painted pet portrait

painted-pet-portrait Photoshop is magic! I am a very bad hand drawer, but due to the Photoshop help, I may create decent digital drawings. By following the steps of this tutorial, you will learn how to create a painted pet effect from a photo of the pet. The tutorial is aimed at beginners, but I think that anyone should give a try to it!

Victorian cat

dapper-victorian-cat I am a great lover of pets; I love both dogs and cats. The previous tutorial has as the main character a dog while this one has a cat. Beyond any doubt, this tutorial is more difficult, but the final result is outstanding: a Victorian cat!

Yin Yang illustration

yin-yang-illustration If you want to sharpen your drawing skills, then this tutorial is all you need. By patiently following the steps of the tutorial you will be able to create a wonderful yin-yang illustration. I am impressed by the rich details of the illustration, therefore you have all the reasons to study the tutorial!

Apple watch

apple-watch This tutorial teaches you how to create an Apple watch from scratch. The steps are very well explained and the images are suggestive. The amazing part of this tutorial is that creating the watch doesn’t take more than an hour!

Grid Effect

grid-effect Here is one of the simplest tutorials, but I like very much what you will learn – how to add a grid effect to a photo. It’s a 30-minute tutorial that fully deserves your attention!

HDR effect using luminosity masks

hdr-effect This is another very practical tutorial – you will learn creating an HDR effect by using luminosity masks. It’s destined for the more advanced users, but due to its short length, I guess that even the less experienced should give a try to it!

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