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I made a very extensive research to find the most interesting and active forums for WordPress developers and the results are here. I think that many developers, designers, and freelancers simply ignore the forums. These are extremely useful tools that may provide help in the most stringent situations. I constantly visit my favorite forums and I am very satisfied with this activity. I asked for help multiple times and I got tons of interesting and helpful replies…it’s true that sometimes I was offended by the answers, but these were exceptions. In the most cases, I received valuable pieces of advice.
I think that in the world of forums it’s an unwritten general rule: the more you help, the more you are helped. This aspect is very important, you should help other people – asking only for help isn’t fair at all!
Initially, I thought that the Internet is full of forums for WordPress developers. After I made the research for forums, my perspective changed. Well, there aren’t so many forums for WordPress developers! Still, you shouldn’t be disappointed! My list of forums is enough if you want to get involved in this community! Some of these are huge and there are dozens of threads open and it’s a high chance to find answers for your problems. Of course, you are welcomed to open new threads!
Other forums from this list are not strictly WordPress related; mostly are coding related but these have WordPress sections that are frequently visited by helpful developers. In conclusion, you should give a try to these forums for WordPress developers!

WordPress Support

The support offered by the WordPress.org isn’t a forum, but the modality of providing help is very similar to the threads of a forum. I added this because of the top quality of the answers and due to the very numerous and active community!

WordPress Forums

The forum of WordPress.com is really huge – there are countless threads open. I guess that it’s extremely difficult to have a problem that hasn’t discussed here before!

WP Help Forum

WP Help Forum is one of the most focused forums for WordPress developers. Here are discussed only issues and aspects about WordPress. To be honest, until now I didn’t know about it, but by sure I will join it and I will let you know my experiences.

Digital Point

Digital Point is one of the hugest forums on the Internet and here can’t be missing such an important topic as WordPress is. I am active here and I got many useful replies to my threads!

Site Point Community

Site Point is a well-known resource for designers and developers. They are selling books and videos –all of these are very useful and informative. Also, the team behind Site Point developed “communities”, in fact, forums, for a variety of topics, including WordPress. Of course, here are many WordPress developers that will share your tips and ideas.

Webmaster World

The name of this forum is very suggestive – Webmaster World and it’s really covering all the areas of the www environment. I really like the section for WordPress because there are many interesting threads. It’s not only about plugins and themes but also about how to better monetize a WordPress powered website!

Web Designer Forum

Web Designer Forum is another interesting forum, both for WordPress and non-WordPress developers. Check yourself the threads, you won’t waste your time!

The Web Design Forum

This is the last suggestion from the list of the forums for WordPress developers. The last position doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful…Pay attention, the name of the forum is very similar to the precedent one!

I preferred to make up a short but 100% useful list of forums for WordPress developers instead of adding tons of forums that contain tons of inactive threads. I hope that you will appreciate my work and please share the post with your friends!
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