Best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016 – part one

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Dear designers and developers, 2016 is almost history and we have enjoyed the last days of this year! I wish to my readers all the best in the new year and I hope that you will keep on visiting Daniel2Design. I want to make you a big surprise and I prepared a huge collection of the best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016.
Willing or not, the number of Photoshop tutorials diminished considerably in the last two years. More and more Photoshop experts changed their strategy and prefer to create online courses instead of writing tutorials. This is the reason why websites as Skillshare or Udemy have grown exponentially. To some extent, I consider that it’s quite normal because it’s easier to learn by watching than reading. Still, the secret of learning Photoshop consists in practice!
Luckily, there is enough room for both formats. If you are more conventional, then you have plenty of “classic” tutorials. For instance, here are showcased 18 tutorials for any kind of users- from newbies to experts.
The ones that prefer watching videos instead of reading should check my posts featuring Udemy and Skillshare courses. Regardless your choices, the key factor is your desire to practice!
Wrapping up, here are the best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016. I highly appreciate the endeavors of the creators; they created stunning design works. I want to present you all these tutorials and to make easier for you to digest them, here are the tutorials published only the first part of the year.

Isometric Icon

Icon design is a challenging design field because the designers are limited to extremely small real estates to express their creativity. Certainly, designing a good looking and intuitive icon isn’t simple at all. By following the steps of this tutorial you learn how to create an isometric icon. Also, you learn how to achieve impressive results by using Pen Tool, Gaussian Blur, and Layer Adjustments.

Flat Weather Icons

Here is another tutorial destined to teach you how to create an awesome set of flat icons. The tutorial isn’t complicated at all but you should pay close attention to the details. By carefully checking all the steps of the tutorial you will create four flat weather icons.

3D Antique Metal Text Effect

This year, the tutorials explaining various 3D Photoshop effects have been the most appreciated by the users. The latest versions of Adobe Photoshop allow creating cool 3D effects and this tutorial shows you how to realize them. At the end, you will create an attractive 3D effect applied to a special word –“Love”.

Rusted Metal Text Effect

Relatively recently, Adobe Photoshop implemented 3D effects and many designers rushed to get their hands dirty with it. Here is another tutorial that teaches you how to create a good looking 3D creation; this time it is about a rusted 3D text effect.

Winter Landscape Photomanipulation

Playing with snow is a relaxing and healthy activity; you have fun and foster your immunity system. Still, some designers prefer to use the snow only in Photoshop creations! If you are one of them or you want to create a ferric winter landscape you should check this tutorial. The author doesn’t use complicated techniques, therefore even the less experienced users should follow the steps of the tutorial and create a nice winter landscape.

Surreal Space Scene

Creating a surreal space scene is a common topic for tutorial creation. Here is a splendid example of this kind of tutorial. I think that if you want to sharpen your color management skills you should check this tutorial. The creator definitely knows how to use the colors to arrest the attention of the viewers.

Sad Angel

This tutorial is long and it has many steps. In spite of that, I recommend studying it and eventually to replicate the final design. You will learn not only many useful Photoshop techniques but also how to create an emotional piece of design.

Distorted Face

This tutorial is truly interesting. If you compare the before and after picture of the subject (the picture “Man looking in distance”), you will be amazed by the transformation. The author uses common tools, effects, and filters as Layer Adjustments, Rectangular Marquee Tool, or Add Noise, but also less common ones as Crystalize or Motion Blur.

Skin to Metal

This tutorial will teach you how to turn skin to metal. It’s a tutorial that requires from you a high level of attention and a few hours to spend on this project. It’s complex and the author used almost all Photoshop tools and features.

Chrome Text Effect

As I mentioned before, I did all my best to satisfy all the users. Therefore, here is a tutorial aimed at the less experienced users. It’s simple, well-explained and backed up by many useful screenshots. You will create a good looking textured chrome effect. It’s the simplest creation from this list of the best Photoshop tutorials.

Emotional Photo Manipulation

This tutorial is very intriguing; the author shows you the steps to create an emotional photo manipulation. She doesn’t use too complicated Photoshop effects and techniques. Instead, she teaches you a more difficult task – the creation of an emotional design work that impresses the viewers. In other words, she teaches you to develop your artistic side and not only the technical side as other tutorials creators do.

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

This is a tutorial that requires a serious commitment from you – it’s long and pretty difficult to keep up the rhythm with the author of it. If you complete the tutorial, you will end up by having a project containing tens of layers. Another plus of this tutorial is that you will learn how to professionally blend many images. I guess that you shouldn’t skip this tutorial.

Abstract Poster

I like very much poster design because it is less restrictive in terms of imagination. Practically, you are free to do everything you want to attract the eyes of the viewers. This tutorial is a good example in this respect. I felt in love with the final design and I recommend you studying it.

Statistic Chart

Creating a statistic chart don’t stimulate your creativity but I think that this tutorial deserves your attention due to the clear explanations of the author. He pays attention to every small detail and you should embrace the same approach. Don’t forget, small details make a big difference!

Crazy Disco Effect

This is a tutorial  for beginner-intermediate users. In spite of its simplicity, you will learn many things as blending two images, blurring or matching the colors. The final result is interesting and truly original.

Floral Portrait

I guess that this tutorial seems more interesting for girls; the project consists of creating a floral portrait. The girls will appreciate playing with flowers, by sure! Still, the male Photoshop lovers shouldn’t skip this tutorial. For instance, you can replace the picture of the girl model with a picture of your girlfriend. In this way, you learn a few Photoshop tricks and simultaneously, you make a surprise to your crush.

Soldier Girl

This is a 38 steps tutorial and it’s destined for beginners and intermediate Photoshop users. One of the most difficult jobs of a Photoshop user is to insert items or entities from other images into the working project. If you want to sharpen your skills in this respect you should study this tutorial. The author knows how to perfectly blend the characters to create a unique and good looking design. Consequently, it convinced me to add this tutorial to the list of the best Photoshop tutorials released in 2016.

Pirate House Photomanipulation

It’s the last tutorial from the first part of the best Photoshop tutorial published in 2016 and it should be a memorable one, isn’t it? Well, it is a masterwork, the author teaches you how to create a magical, scary, and surreal pirate house. It’s long and complex, but super interesting, therefore venture to complete all the steps of the tutorial. You will learn many useful Photoshop tricks.

This is the first part and next week I will publish the second part. Until then, check these tutorials and share the post with your friends! If you want to have in your Inbox my newsletter, please subscribe to it! I promise that I will email the newsletter once per week, I won’t assault you with tons of unwanted emails.

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