Best Udemy courses for designers and developers – autumn edition

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Online learning is a reliable alternative to design schools. It’s way cheaper, and you can study whenever and however you want. On top of that, online courses are focused on practice. Udemy is a resource storing tons of online courses for a large variety of purposes. In this post, I introduce the best Udemy courses for designers and developers to you. Luckily, Udemy doesn’t resume to technology and coding; there are classes for music, lifestyle, and fitness. If you want to develop your hobbies and you opt for online learning, then Udemy should be your first choice.

Check the previous Udemy collections published here; many readers enjoyed the courses. Here are listed the best Udemy courses for designers and developers that were released this year. All are fresh, and you get a lot of value by enrolling them. The prices vary, but it’s a real bargain by comparing the prices with the value you get. Periodically, Udemy offers serious discounts, therefore stick with us to find out the best deals!

Without further ado, here are our recommendations. Check them and let us know which courses you enrolled. Don’t forget, investing in you is the best investment!


Adobe XD Course

Adobe XD is a new software released by Adobe and the opinions about it are mixed. There is room for improvement, but it has some useful and worth-mentioning features. Adobe XD is a tool targeted to UI/UX designers.

If you want to know more about Adobe XD, sign up for this course. Apart from that, you will learn how to create a dating website made up from seven pages.


Mobile App Design from Beginner to Intermediate

Mobile app design is a challenging and dynamic field. The number of apps available in Google Play and App Store is growing, and this trend will keep up. There is a demand for mobile app designers, and I think that you are interested in learning how to create cool designs for mobile apps.

If you want to sign up for this course, you should have a solid grasp on Sketch. Plus, you should own a Mac or a Windows PC that emulates the OS X environment.


The Most Popular Techniques in Photoshop

I couldn’t ignore Photoshop lovers, and I added two courses in this list of best Udemy courses for designers. This one is short and practical; you learn the most popular Photoshop techniques. Double exposure, neon effect, glass text effect, and low poly are just a few of them.

This course is a short recap for the advanced and medium users and a good start for beginners.


Adobe Photoshop – The Flying Land Compositing

This is my favorite Udemy design course. I like this course because you learn by doing and each step is exhaustively explained. In fact, this course is a video tutorial explaining how to create a ferric composition.

The teacher presents all the details and his step-by-step workflow. It took him no more than 2.5 hours to do it.


A Practical Introduction to Blender 3D

3D modeling is a tough job. It requires many hours of practice before being able to create a correct 3D item. Blender is a robust software solution for 3D rendering, and this course teaches you how to use it.

The course is free and short so that you may enroll in just for fun!



Windows IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) is a term extensively used these days. It seems that IoT is the entity able to create a revolution. In simple words, IoT designates the ways of connecting various devices. It has a significant potential to change our lives. IoT is in an incipient stage, and you should get your hands dirty with it.

Windows IoT is a new platform released by Microsoft, and it aims to help the IoT devices creators. No doubt, it’s a course that should be on your radar!


Bot Building Basics

Bots go hand in hand with IoT; certainly, you heard about both concepts. Bots are already present in our lives, and there is a huge demand of new and more powerful bots. This course teaches you the basics of bot building. In the first part you learn theoretical aspects, and you will delve into the bots universe in the second part.

The author promises that he will teach you how to create bots without writing a single line of code. It sounds interesting, isn’t it?


Complete Facebook Messenger Chatbot Course


If you are on a tight budget, but you are interested in bots, you should enroll in this course. It’s only 1.5 hours long, and it’s free of charge. By watching the author explanations, you will learn how to create a Facebook chatbot.

Usually, these courses are expensive! Wrapping up, don’t waste your time and start learning how to create bots.


The Complete Android Material Design Course

The Complete Android Material Design Course is a standing apart course amongst best Udemy courses for designers. It’s not an exaggeration saying that it’s a complete course – there are five hours of explanations. Also, the author presented all the aspects, from fundamentals of Material Design to add an action to the toolbar.

It’s not aimed for experts only, but to take advantage of this course, you need to have Java basic knowledge. Also, you should have a grasp on Android emulators.


Getting Started with PHP 7

A few years ago, HTML and CSS were almost mandatory for any web developer. Nowadays, there is nothing special if you are proficient in HTML and CSS. PHP becomes popular, and tons of applications are based on it.

As a result, PHP is mandatory for a developer. Somehow, the current PHP is the old HTML and CSS. This course for people willing to learn the latest version of PHP.


Absolute Java Basics for Android

In a world dominated by IoT and bots, Android development seems outdated! Of course, it’s not true! Android development is a hot topic that didn’t reach its peak. You should pay attention to it; the market is still unsaturated.

This course is a good start for a career as an Android developer. It teaches you the Java basics. It’s a 5.5 hour course, and it’s not simple at all. Anyway, you know the old saying – no pain, no gain!


Introduction to Typescript

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that gives to developers magical powers to create amazing apps. This course is an excellent choice for everyone interested in learning the basics of TypeScript.

The author explains the theoretical aspects in the first three chapters. After this introduction, the full focus is on practice. Learning by doing is the most efficient method, isn’t it?


CSS3 Selectors

Mastering CSS 3.0 Selectors is a name quite suggestive. This is a two-hour course explaining how to deal with CSS 3 selectors. It’s free, so you have no excuse to quit enrolling in the course.

The author claims that the students should have a grasp of HTML and CSS before starting to watch the videos.


This is all for today; I think that at least a course from this list might be useful for every one of you. Please let me know your preferences regarding online learning and Udemy courses. I will gladly compile lists with the best recommendations.


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