Best Web Development Courses to Learn Coding [2019 edition]

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Online web development courses are mandatory for developers that really care about their career. No matter which design or development school you graduated, you need to sharpen your skills perpetually. What is hot and most sought today will be completely obsolete in just a few years. Anyone involved in online industry must keep pace with Internet; there is no other solution.


Online courses are the best method of self-preparation. These are cheap compared with traditional classes and you don’t need to give up to the comfort of your home. For instance, you may watch the course content while staying at your desk or even lying in bed. You can also watch a video when commuting or sitting on a bench in park. The most online courses are made up from sections and modules, so you can take a pause when you are tired. Some web development courses are based on “doing is learning” principle, hence you need to complete a considerable number of practical tasks.


Luckily, there are tons of online courses for developers; finding the proper course is a tedious and time-consuming process. I want to save your time, so I searched for the best online web development courses. Enjoy this collection and please let me know which development class captivated your attention.


The Full Stack Web Development

The Full Stack Web Development course is a real masterpiece; it’s made up from 33.5 hours of detailed explanations. You will become a full stack developer by watching the videos and completing the tasks during the course.

Full stack developers are most sought by recruiters because they can realize a project from A to Z; they have a strategic perspective over each project. However, it’s not easy at all to become a full stack developer. You have to master backend, frontend, database, memory, and debugging. This course covers all these aspects, and you will use many languages and frameworks like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, Angular 2, PHP, My SQL, MangoDB, Grunt, Gulp and many more. Clearly, it’s not a painless course, but it really provides value!


The Complete Web Development Course – Build 15 Projects

This course genuinely covers the same topics as other 10 courses do. However, you pay the price of a single web development class. You need to allocate at least 67 hours to watch all the videos and a few days to build all 15 projects. No prior knowledge is required, and you will get your hands dirty with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Bootstrap, My SQL, WordPress, and some APIs.

By signing up, you will craft 15 projects, including:

a site featuring tutorials;

a landing page;

a company website;

a professional blog;

a car sharing website;

a stopwatch app;

a drawing app;

an app measuring the distance between cities.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – The Complete Guide

Progressive web apps (PWA) are highly demanded these days, and chances are that you get a job as a PWA developer. Nowadays, more and more sites look similar to apps to ensure a great user experience. The most significant advantage of PWAs is that these deliver an app-like experience, but the user shouldn’t download them from Google Play or App Store. In fact, a PWA is a site specially designed to encompasses the features of a mobile app. This web development course teaches you how to create a complete PWA, even though it’s your first project in this area.


The Complete Javascript Course: Build a Professional Project

Javascript is one of the most used programming languages, and this course is a perfect fit for everyone willing to learn it from A to Z. No prior Javascript knowledge is required to sign up for this course. It starts with variables and data types, conditionals and looping. Next, you will learn functions and objects. The last part of the course is for more advanced users; the author will teach you encapsulation, inheritance, and module patterns.


React 16+ – The Complete Guide (incl. React Router 4 & Redux)

This course is focused on practice – you have to complete a lot of exercises to learn the powerful React and Redux libraries. It takes 33 hours to watch the entire video explanations – it proves that the author covered all the aspects of these two libraries. The information shared falls into 27 sections; these start with JavaScript basics and end up with animation in React apps and installing Redux Saga.


Search for Courses: Python Programming an Expert Guide on Python

Python is a heavily used programming language, and many companies are looking for developers that know how to work with its libraries. This course is targeted for people with no coding knowledge, but ready to invest much time and passion into learning Python. The entire course is a nice mix of theoretical and practical aspects, so be prepared to write many lines of code. Apart from Python syntax, you will learn coding best practices and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts.


Learn Plugin Development in WordPress by Building Projects


WordPress is the leading Content Management System (CMS), and any serious developer should have a solid grasp on it. I featured many WordPress development courses in previous posts; check these if you are interested in mastering your WordPress knowledge.

However, I couldn’t help to suggest you enrolling this course because it’s focused on doing – this is my favorite method of learning. In the first sections of the course, you will learn the anatomy of a plugin and how to create one from scratch. Next, roll your sleeves to develop a few plugins like a YouTube Video Gallery, Instagram Photo List, City Weather Report and many others.


Learn WordPress: A Complete Guide to Making a Website


This is the shortest class from this list of outstanding web development courses, but it’s golden for beginners. You have to install WordPress locally if you want to learn how to launch a website running on it. This course teaches you how to install WordPress on your computer by using XAMPP. It takes you only an hour to learn how to install and use XAMPP to deploy WordPress on your own server.


Project in DevOps – Learn Real World DevOps

DevOps is a relatively new field that determined many companies to look closely to it. It combines software development with information technology operations. Nowadays, DevOps engineers are sought by many companies, and they earn impressive amounts of money. This course is the perfect start to learn the DevOps basics; it’s created by Eduonix Learning Solutions, and it has excellent reviews.


Data Science and Analysis: Make DataFrames in Pandas and Python

The name of the course is pretty frightening for a beginner, but don’t run away. The course is made up from 21.5 hours of explanations, and each aspect is amply explained. The first eight sections are about Python, its syntax and best practices. Section nine is about training – creating a blackjack game. The last parts are about Pandas – an open source Python library treating the numerical data handling.

Interesting fact – no prior coding knowledge is required. In spite of that, I recommend purchasing this course if you are really involved in learning data science and data analysis.


WiFi Hacking Course 2017: Full WiFi Hacking Encyclopedia

WiFi Hacking Course 2017 it’s not a standard web development course, but I consider it an interesting item in this list of web development training.  Practically, during 2.5 hours you will learn three things:

Installing software on your computer for hacking WiFi networks;

How to attack WiFi networks and how to protect your identity;

Various types of attacks like café-latte, Chop-Chop, WPS pixie, or Fluxion attacks.


Learn App Development with Docker from Scratch



The name of this web development class is self-explicatory. The teacher structured the course into five sections. The sections one and two are the introduction to the world of Docker and its basic concepts. The parts three and four are “Developing with Docker” and “Advanced Concepts”. The last section is related to security.

Wrapping up, this course is all you need to learn Docker from scratch.


Machine Learning For Absolute Beginners

Machine learning is on the edge of revolutionizing the entire human society; it will impact all the areas of activity. Sooner or later, machine learning will be a non-negotiable area of web development training. Therefore, enroll in this course to be prepared for the future.

Disclaimer: you need to have a decent math and Python knowledge to get the most from this machine learning class.


The Complete Game Developer Course Build 60 Games

This course is for people who want to start a career in game development. Certainly, you won’t waste time by signing up for this course. The author emphasizes that the entire class is focused on practice; you will build 60 games during the 34 hours of the course. Amongst many others, you will create:

a collective game;

an endless runner game;

algebra addition game;

drag and drop shooter;

color changing shooter;

kids division game.


PHP Programming for Web Development

Some programmers consider that PHP is a language that doesn’t have a bright future. In spite of that, WordPress runs on PHP, so its role is vital for the entire web development community. Learning PHP isn’t deprecated, and it WON’T be as long as WordPress will be the leading CMS. Hence, enroll in this course and learn PHP from scratch. Sadly, PHP is a problematic language so be prepared to work hard in order to learn all its secrets and best practices.


Coursera is a massive brand in the online learning industry. Many top universities and companies feature their courses on Coursera platform. Google, Facebook, IBM, University of Michigan, Chicago or Imperial College London are just a few partners.

I am a Coursera affiliate, I earn some money if you buy Coursera courses from my site, but none can deny the quality of courses. You won’t pay more money than buying directly from Coursera if you buy from here, so feel free to buy your favorite web development courses.

The following web development classes are personally reviewed, so enroll them without any doubts. A part of them require paying a fee for certification, but you are allowed to audit the course content for free. Coursera must be bookmarked by anyone interested in online learning.


HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers


John Hopkins University offers this interesting course targeted for people willing to learn web design from zero. According to the instructors, you have to spend 4-6 hours a week for 5 weeks to study the course content. It commences with HTML5 and CSS3 – the non-negotiable tools for website creation. Next, you have to create a static website for a restaurant. The last sections are to familiarize with Javascript and build the first web applications.


Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

There is no option of getting a certification at the moment of writing this post, but you are free to audit the course (aka watch the videos). It falls into three sections. Week 1 is for setting up the development environment, week 2 is to get the basic syntax of Ruby and week 3 is the introduction to Ruby on Rails.


Interactivity with JavaScript

Interactivity with JavaScript


JavaScript is a complex language, and you can’t name yourself a web design without having a firm grasp on it. This course fits perfectly for anyone willing to learn it or do a recap. It starts with JavaScript basics – six hours during the first two weeks. The next section is for looping and arrays – essential items for any language. The last section is for data validation, and at the end of this month, you will be able to write and understand JavaScript snippets.


Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)

Introduction to Structured Query Language


Working with a database is an essential asset for a modern web developer. If you aren’t familiar with it, Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) is all you need. You will learn how to install XAMPP/MAMP on your computer, create a MySQL database, and write simple PHP commands in the first week. Next, you will get your hands dirty with SQL, learn database design, and the relationships created between database items.


Mobile VR App Development with Unity

Mobile VR App Development with Unity


Virtual Reality is a hot topic, and the signs are that in the near future it will revolutionize the way we craft sites and apps. This course will prepare you for the future – you will learn to create the first VR apps with Unity. The introduction is pretty short, and you will delve directly into the matter by working with Unity.

Have you signed up for any of the above courses? Please let me know which one attracted your attention – leave a comment with your favorite course.

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