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Hello dear daniel2design readers! This time I have for you a special article and I really need your contribution. The more ideas, the better for everyone! In the next lines I will present you my personal list of best blogs for bloggers. The blogs are periodically checked by me and I am very satisfied with the quality of the information provided. I hope that you will check them and I am pretty sure that you will find many useful and interesting posts.
My requirement is to share via comment form or social networks your most appreciated blogs. I preferred to add all the blogs that are periodically visited by me in order to get inspiration and knowledge to make better designs or write better articles.
I think that the science of crafting websites is evolving very fast and any designer should have, at least at the superficial level, some ideas about SEO and content marketing.
On the other hand, it’s true that you can’t be an exponential web designer and at the same time a great SEO specialist. My idea is that any designer should take into account the requirements of a SEO specialist. Also, a SEO specialist should understand the work of a designer. More or less, a designer and a SEO specialist must be part of a team. Nowadays, having a good team is the key in order to produce quality works.
In conclusion, here is my list of best blogs for bloggers!

Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most famous entrepreneurs and content marketers. In spite of his fame, he is very friendly and open for any proposal. I highly appreciate that he is trying to reply to all the comments of his blog (and his blogs has tons of comments). Obviously, the posts are extremely interesting; even though these are at least 5000+ words, I am sure that you won’t be bored by his posts.

Matthew Woodward

I think that Mattew Woodward and Neil Patel have a similar style, but they share various topics and ideas. On average, the posts of Mattew Woodward are shorter, but the quality is the same as Neil’s posts. Anyway, I strongly recommend checking this blog, there are a lot of ideas about how to gain more traffic.

Moz Blog

Moz is a well-known brand in the SEO&Internet marketing world, therefore any comments are redundant.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts was the head of web spam team at Google and everything he said has a great importance in the www universe. I like very much his natural style…every aspect of his posts is explained in simple terms and it’s impossible not to understand his ideas. Unfortunately, he isn’t posting constantly.

WP Beginner

WP Beginner is destined for the less advanced WordPress users, but also here are published posts for experts. Here is covered everything related to WordPress – from how to install WordPress to collections of free themes and plugins.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is a well-known provider of WordPress themes. The team behind Elegant Themes launched a blog that is very interesting. The posts are very good and offer complete solutions for various problems. If you are a WordPress blog owner, you shouldn’t miss their blog posts.

WP Kube

WP Kube is relatively recent added into my list of best blogs for bloggers. WordPress is the leading Content Management System and any web designer or blogger should be updated to the latest news in the field. Therefore, you may subscribe to WP Kube to find out instantly what’s new for WordPress users.

Site Point

Site Point is one of the oldest web design related blogs and their writers are one of the best experts in their fields. Their pieces of advice are very useful and interesting.

Design Modo

Design Modo is a blog where are beautifully blended the inspirational posts with tutorials and in-depth articles. I strongly recommend checking it periodically if you want to find out the latest web design trends.

Instant Shift

Maybe Instant Shift design isn’t the most attractive, but the posts are very valuable. The same as Design Modo, the mix of posts are satisfying the requirements of any designers.

I hope that you will find interesting my personal list of best blogs for bloggers. I am very open to finding out which blogs do you like the most and I hope that across time Daniel2Design will be one of your favorites!

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