The Best Graphic Design Courses [2019 edition]

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I published collections of networking, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, or UX courses and visitors appreciated these blog posts. Now it’s time for the best graphic design courses – a massive compilation of classes to master your skills.

Graphic design is a broad and dynamic area, and all experts must perpetually sharpen their skills in order to stay competitive. Coursera and Eduonix are the providers of the following courses, and all of them provide value. However, none of them can replace your effective work, so be prepared to practice a lot.

Human-Centered Design: an Introduction

Understanding how humans interact with devices is non-negotiable for a genuine graphic designer. This online graphic design course is an excellent start to learn the basics from professionals; the University of San Diego proposed this stellar course.
The less experienced graphic designers should enroll in this course because it presents the fundaments of human-centered design. It’s a more general course teaching you how people use handheld devices and how they interact with mobile apps and sites. Once you learn these principles, you will be capable of creating fun graphic design works.

Introduction to XR: VR, AR, and MR Foundations

This class is suitable for advanced graphic designers or for people who are committed to preparing for the future. XR, VR, AR, and MR are abbreviations known by a small number of people, but these will be famous in a short time. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are all connected in a single entity called Cross Reality (XR). This set of new technologies will revolutionize the future, and these will create a lot of jobs for graphic designers.
The course isn’t a tedious explanation of these new concepts; you have to complete practical projects by using Unity. If you are firmly committed to studying the course content, you will be able to create a stunning VR Museum app.

Mobile Interaction Design

I am a big fan of the concept of “learning by doing,” but I don’t agree with ignoring the theory. For instance, I gladly recommend enrolling this course even though it’s mostly focused on theory.
This graphic design course teaches you how to craft usable mobile products and services. Don’t ignore this aspect if you want to satisfy your mobile visitors. They are impatient and always on a hurry so you won’t get a second chance.
It’s a long course that requires your firm engagement, but the concepts showcased are instrumental in finding out the secrets of mobile interaction design.

Master App Prototyping with Adobe Experience Design (XD)

A functional prototype saves a lot of time spent on convincing the stakeholders about the potential of an app or website. At the same time, the production phase is significantly simplified. Certainly, quality prototyping saves time.
Adobe Experience Design is a platform for building prototypes and wireframes for your apps and websites. This course is for graphic designers that want to know more about this product. Don’t worry – it’s a short and concise training class; you have to allocate 1.5 hours to watch all the lectures.

Photoshop CC Full Course

It’s impossible to feature a list of online graphic design courses without a few Photoshop classes. Check the previous collection of Adobe Photoshop courses if you want to study more. Altogether, I suggest you enroll in this course because it’s jam-packed with useful tips and tricks. The author presents all Photoshop panels to shape a strategic overview to the users.
It starts with opening an image and finishes with creating animated design works. Practically, it takes you from zero to hero in less than 4 hours.

Photo Manipulation: Master Photo Editing

I published many collections of photo manipulation tutorials, and you liked the posts. I want to delight all my readers, so here is a course teaching you the ins and outs of photo manipulation. It’s short and concise – one hour of video content. The class starts with making the proper selections, adjusting the colors and blending the images. Next, you learn how to master the light – source, shadows, and reflections and finally, you dive into motion and depth of fields. It’s a pretty engaging course, isn’t it?

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 – Essentials Training

You can’t name yourself a graphic designer if you aren’t a good user of Adobe Illustrator. This course is perfect for beginners. It begins with Adobe Illustrator basics, and it continues with drawing shapes, masking, effects, patterns, and colors. The last section consists of exercises – you should replicate some famous logos.

Adobe InDesign CC: Your Complete Guide to InDesign

In spite of some significant drawbacks, Adobe is one of the companies that care about graphic designers’ lives. Photoshop and Illustrator are probably the most frequently used tools by graphic designers. This online graphic design class treats another Adobe tool – InDesign; it works best for creating brochures, magazines, pdf documents and many more.
Phil Ebiner and Kurt Anderson are the creators of this course. Both of them are well-known authors, and this graphic design class is one of the highest rated on Eduonix. Wrapping up, enroll in this course if you want to be a good InDesign user.

Camtasia Masterclass: Become a YouTube Star & Video Creator

Camtasia is a powerful screen capture and video editing tool that is massively used by both graphic and motion designers. This course is a complete Camtasia training for both beginners and experts. The first sections are for less experienced users, but even the specialists might learn new things from the last half of the course.
You will learn how to leverage cool movie effects, edit audio and video, and create 4K videos. The course is fluffy-free; the course consists of 7,5 hours of stellar content.

Mobile App Design: How to Make an App That Sells

The author of this course claims that by enrolling in his course, you will learn the fundaments of UI, UX, and product design, what Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is, and how to craft your mobile product. Many graphic designers focused on building user-friendly mobile interfaces, and this course is a good fit in this regard. Internet of Things will come into our lives sooner than you think and designers need to create interfaces for a large variety of devices. Therefore, expect that companies will look for more graphic designers to wireframe better interfaces for IoT devices.

Learn Web Design: The Ultimate Guide for Coders

The name of this graphic design course isn’t quite inspired because it’s not entirely targeted for coders. Advanced users might not find value in this course, but amateur designers will appreciate it. Each section of the course is aimed at a specific subject like colors, motion, and sound, interactivity, graphics, or typography. It’s a graphic course laser-focused on practice, and I really love it.

Learn to Create Pixel Art from Scratch

Do you like those pixelated works on Dribble or Behance? I love them too, but I am not quite skilled at creating pixelated design works. This course is all you need if you want to design pixel arts from scratch. The course is pretty complex – you have to allocate around eight hours to watch all the videos. However, you will build beautiful pixel creations that might be used in various graphic design projects or even in games. It’s not an easy graphic design course, but it deserves your attention because the teacher shares compelling content.

3D Interaction Design in Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is a hot topic these days, and many engineers, developers, and designers invest time in learning more about it. 3D Interaction Design in Virtual Reality it’s not one of the standard graphic design courses, but it looks promising. In my humble opinion, anyone willing to make money from online industry must pay attention to VR.
The course falls into four sections: interaction in VR, moving around in VR, interacting with objects in VR, and challenges in VR. Enroll, study hard, and you have already established the base of your bright future.

Introduction to UI Design

The University of Minnesota offers an outstanding UI course, and I suggest enrolling it. It’s structured to study it during four weeks, and you can audit the course content for free. However, you should pay for getting a certification.
It falls into two major chapters: UI technical principles and human psychology. These two go hand to hand, and the modern developers and designers should have a solid grasp on both of them. Consequently, watch the videos and learn the techniques showcased.

Building Interactive 3D Characters and Social VR

This is one of the most attractive graphic design courses released on Coursera. It teaches you how to create 3D characters for VR. Yeah, it sounds so exciting – I have already signed up for this class, and teachers’ explanations fascinated me. Clearly, graphic designers have a capital role in shaping the VR, and you should be prepared for the future. This course gives you some serious hints about what and how the designers will work in the near future.

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