Udemy Courses for designers: how to become a wizard of Adobe tools

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A few months ago, I published a collection of best Udemy courses for developers and another one for WordPress users. I think that I neglected the “pure” designers – the ones that aren’t interested or don’t what to get their hands dirty with coding.
Willing or not, a designer can’t name himself a designer unless he/she uses at least a product from Adobe suite. Some say that these software products are expensive, some say that the features aren’t good enough but all of them use Adobe products!
I guess that all the readers of this post have used at least once into their lifetime Adobe Photoshop and the huge majority of them Adobe Illustrator. Also, I think that you want to stay updated to the latest news and techniques involving these two software products.
Maybe you are interested in mastering your Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign skills but you didn’t have time or you didn’t find the most convenient modality of learning. Luckily for you, I spend much time to find the best solutions to become a real wizard of Adobe tools. I tried to find the best courses- full of useful information and cheap (or even free)!
Here is a collection of Udemy courses for designers that want to master their Adobe skills. I hope that you will enroll the courses and learn new techniques. It will be great to share with us your opinions about Adobe products or which Udemy courses do you find the best for you!

Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC

 Udemy Courses for designers-Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC

Price: 50 €
Rating: 4.5
Lectures: 176
Video: 13.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– The course is for everyone- from beginner to expert. It’s divided into 11 sections and step by step, the students learn all the secrets of Adobe Photoshop. It starts with the basics, the work with images, Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. In the last sections, the instructor presents the blending modes, layer styles and generating vectors;
– Infinite Skills is behind this course and this company is a famous instructor in the Udemy world. Much more, they are involved on many other platforms for online learning;
– 21,969 students enrolled and a 4.5 rating are pretty convincing numbers to make you interested in enrolling the course.

Most Popular Photoshop Course

 Udemy Courses for designers-Most Popular Photoshop Course

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.4
Lectures: 117
Video: 27.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– The only downside of this course is its title – maybe it is the most popular, but it didn’t give any hint about what the average student will learn about. The course is extremely useful for the ones interested in retouching and manipulating images.
– I added it to the honoring list of Udemy courses for designers because I felt in love with the instructor approach. In the first sections it’s described the Photoshop interface and features, but from section 4 (it has 10 section), the gravity center is moved towards the practical aspect. You will learn beauty & hair retouch, how to use external Photoshop plugins or how to improve the car related images.
– The price is awesome – less than 1 € per hour of course! It’s a real bargain, isn’t it?

UI Design in Photoshop – Start Designing Web & Mobile Apps

 Udemy Courses for designers-UI Design in Photoshop

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.5
Lectures: 96
Video: 8.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– UI design is a very hot topic and any designer should have his hands dirty with this area;
– The course is focused on doing – you have exercises and challenges; all these have solutions explained by the instructor;
– A full section is destined for iOS App design.
– 20 € is a good price for a very useful course, isn’t it?

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Learn Video Editing In Premiere Pro

 Udemy Courses for designers-Adobe Premiere

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.9
Lectures: 44
Video: 3 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– Premiere Pro isn’t as famous as Photoshop is, but it’s a powerful tool for editing videos. If you have never used, it’s time to give it a try. This course is for beginners, so there is no problem in this respect.
– Video format become more and more important – people appreciate multimedia format, video marketing is rising constantly and it is more digestible for users that text and/or images.
– Adobe Premiere Pro features and commands are extensively explained even though the course is only 3 hours length.

Learn Adobe Illustrator from Scratch

 Udemy Courses for designers-Learn Adobe Illustrator

Price: 20 €
Rating: 3.9
Lectures: 41
Video: 10.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– Illustrator isn’t as famous as Photoshop is, but it has some amazing features and you should give a try to this tool;
– The entire course is structured to make the learning curve easy for everyone;
– In the first sections are described the panels and the commands, but at the end, you will learn some advanced techniques. In other words, the instructor uses an extensive learning method.

Adobe After Effects: The Complete Guide to After Effects

 Udemy Courses for designers-The Complete Guide to After Effects

Price: 30 €
Rating: 4.4
Lectures: 122
Video: 12 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– Video effects and motion graphics are two fields that are constantly growing and there is a high demand of filmmakers or video editors. Consequently, learning the secrets of After Effects should be in higher positions on your agenda.
– The course is created by Phil Ebiner – the man who has 69 courses on Udemy. It’s useless to mention that he has only good reviews.
– 12 hours of clear explanations backed by examples is enough to get a solid idea about the Adobe Effects powers, isn’t it?

Advanced Beauty Retouching

 Udemy Courses for designers-Advanced Beauty Retouching

Price: 30 €
Rating: 4
Lectures: 30
Video: 3 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– Retouching photos is mostly an art and a retouching expert should constantly improve his/her skills in order to stay updated to latest trends and techniques;
– This course is destined for advanced users, therefore the techniques learned from here will help you stay apart from the competitors;
– It is only a 3 hours course, but it covers a lot of interesting areas as removing the blemishes, skin softening, and “playing” with the teeth and eyes.

Portrait Photography: from Studio to Photoshop

 Udemy Courses for designers-Portrait Photography: from Studio to Photoshop
Price: 25 €
Rating: 5
Lectures: 29
Video: 2 hours
Why should I enroll this course?
– Portrait photography is a challenging area and anyone should pay attention to the new techniques.
– This is a short course, enrolling it won’t take you much time (it’s a 2 hours length)
– You are required to complete tasks in order to see your progress; it’s an interactive course that is aimed to sharpen the skills and not to learn some theoretical knowledge.
– The teacher presents a large variety of tools and techniques, including how to work with Liquify, Dodge or Burn tools, how to remove the blemishes and modify the color of the skin.

Master Creating Websites with Adobe Muse

 Udemy Courses for designers-Master Creating Websites with Adobe Muse

Price: 25 €
Rating: 4.8
Lectures: 56
Video: 3.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– Adobe Muse is one of the newest tools created by Adobe and it has a great potential.
– By enrolling this course, you will learn how to create an awesome website without writing a single line of coding.
– The course is complete – you start with a general description of Adobe Muse, then you are taught how to work with images, texts, links, buttons, shapes, colors, and HTML.

Animation in Photoshop: Create an Amazing Motion Typography

 Udemy Courses for designers-Create an Amazing Motion Typography

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.7
Lectures: 43
Video: 4.5 hours

Why should I enroll this course?
– The title of this course sounds quite interesting –“Create an amazing motion typography”, isn’t it?
– I strongly recommend enrolling this course because it’s original but also because it’s focused on teaching actionable and practical pieces of advice. You follow the steps of a cool motion typography project called Twitter animation.
– You will learn how to add audios and sound effects.
– The teacher uses a modern approach and you will fall in love with the clear and to the point explanations.

Here is the end of my list of Udemy courses for Adobe users. Of course, you should visit Udemy for many other courses…it’s a place where you can find everything you want to learn. If you don’t have time to search for various course, you can subscribe to our newsletter and we will weekly provide you only top notch courses for designers, developers, and bloggers.

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