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You are lucky if you read these lines! This is the first edition of a new type of article – Web Design Inspiration. In fact, this was the primary purpose of Daniel2Design – to offer valuable sources of inspiration for designers! Unfortunately, inspiration is a totally inconstant entity – sometimes you may have the inspiration to create awesome websites in no time, but sometimes you can spend hours just to draw a simple line.
One of the methods of fueling the inspiration level is to study some quality pieces of design – as the ones exhibited below. I guess that watching the stunning works of other fellow motivates and inspires you to do the same. If you aren’t sure whether this tip works for you then here is the solution, enjoy these websites and certainly, you will be ready to create at least as quality websites as these.
In the first edition of Web Design Inspiration, I present you 15 amazing food & drink websites. I tried to make the difference between food & drink websites vs. restaurant websites; there is a vague difference between them. In other words, I searched for websites strictly focused on food or/and drink.
Disclaimer: Some drink related websites ask you to submit your age; if you are 18/21 years old or below you won’t be able to access the websites. Sorry for you!

White Claw

White Claw is an appetizing beverage that is made only from natural ingredients, it’s gluten free and a dose has only 110 calories. I added this website into the honoring list of Web Design Inspiration due to the perfect matching between website design and the core values of the products. The simplicity and the high standards are common values both to the products and to the website. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the simple navigation, the white background and the richness of negative space.

Wooden Bakery

“All sorrows are less with bread,” said Miguel de Cervantes and Wooden Bakery assumed this statement. This website works as the best appetizer, therefore if you are hungry it’s not a good idea to visit the website. The creators of it wanted to create a story and they did it very well. It’s a one-page website with a vertical menu focused on storytelling instead of the conventional method of product showcase.

Slav Coffee

Slav Coffee is another website that attracts the visitors with its storytelling. The designers show the process of creating the coffee – from harvesting to the attractive pack. Of course, the graphical representation is great – the sliding effects create a special dynamism. The loading plugin is also awesome – I hope that I made you curious to visit this website.

Bellucci Premium

Belucci is an Italian premium olive oil and the website presentation is a masterwork. The layout expresses seriousness, calm, and naturalness. I think that the design is attractive, but the marketing team did at least the same good job. Unlike other websites presenting food & drink, Belucci Premium create a mix of product description and Italian cousin stories. Aside from this winning combination, the quality imagery complements the good solutions implemented by website creators.

Alaska Vodka


Alaska Vodka may be visited only by people that are of legal drinking age and that have enough patience to wait to load the website. It’s true that that loading speed isn’t a plus of this website, but overall it’s a great creation. The horizontal and vertical sliding effects create a very dynamic layout, while the metallic blue and white color combination captivates the viewers.

Spice Hunter

he Spice Hunter is a very inspired name and its design is even more inspired than the name. I added this website into the design inspiration list because of the clean and sleek layout and due to the visually appealing imagery. You shouldn’t read the written content, the images speak for themselves and work as a magnet for visitors.

Brasserie Lefebvre

Brasserie Lefebvre is a vintage creation and I think that it makes the perfect team with the romantic story of this beer. The creators of the website wanted to bring back the old days and convince people that the manufacturer respects the initial recipe of making the beer. In my case, the website manages to make me interested in Brasserie Lefebvre beers! I guess that it’s valid in your case, too!

12 Dishes

12 Dishes has also vintage elements into its design. Still, it isn’t a vintage piece of design as the previous website is. The idea of 12 Dishes is to present 12 dishes from various places across the world. The realization is awesome and practical; the recipes are horizontally sliding and by clicking on your favorite one, you are directed to a webpage where is explained how to cook the dish. Practical and interesting, isn’t it?


Mosko Vodka is a standing apart website; as the name is saying, it is the official website for Mosko Vodka. Green is a color that doesn’t have anything in common with vodka, but the designers used it extensively and the final result is cool. I like very much how the Mosko vodka is presented – the website is a story and not a promotional design work. The “Our story” section contributes the most to this feeling while the “Cocktail” section is the most useful- you learn how to create awesome drinks.

Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Sweet Magnolia Gelato is a delicious combination of handmade illustrations, warm colors, attractive dynamic elements and an original overall design. It presents ice creams and after just a few seconds it makes me want an ice-cream. It means that the website is well-designed, isn’t it?

Rum Chata

Rum Chata is a great website that brilliantly does two things: it describes a product and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The joyful color combinations and the richness of white space are the key elements that significantly contribute to the warming and relaxing attitude. Another plus of the website is the “Recipes” – here you learn how to create delicious cocktails. Warning – you should have the legal age in your country to visit the website.

Louis XIV Energy

Louis XIV is an energy drink and its presentation website is a real masterwork. The black color is dominant and it manages to express luxury, mystery, and elegance. The same as the previous food and drink websites, Louis XIV Energy is focused on storytelling. If you visit the website, you will be impressed by the quality images and the complex marketing of the product – there are even t-shirts promoting the drink!

Remy Martin

Remy Martin is a brand that doesn’t need any presentation; still, it has a good-looking website. If I should describe the website using a single word it will be “luxurious”. Every pixel is crafted to express refinement and elegance and the appetizing images of cocktails determine you to purchase their products.

Sixth Sense Gin

To be honest, I have never drunk Sense – London Dry Gin, but its website convinced me that it should be a strong and tasty alcoholic drink. The website is created to offer a great user experience. The hamburger menu is discrete but once you find it, you will be amazed by each webpage (maybe it should be more obvious – just a personal consideration). Wrapping up, the website is a modern design creation that will inspire you – therefore it deserves its place on the Web Design Inspiration list of drink and food websites.

It is the first Web Design Inspiration edition and I hope that you will appreciate this kind of posts. It will be great to know your opinion about and please don’t be selfish – add in the comment form your ideas about next articles or websites you think that deserve to be exhibited. The more comments and recommendations, the better for all of us!

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